Calling all 'office organisers'. You know who you are... you’re usually the ones busy sorting the team quiz or organising the office birthday cards. Well, we've got the perfect event for you. And the best part? You get to do it on a day that suits you!

How it works

Taking part is easy and as ‘Lead Elf’ you just follow these 5 simple steps:

❄️ Gather your colleagues; aka your Festive Knitwear Crew
❄️ Sign up on behalf of your Crew (this creates your fundraising page)
❄️ Pick a day that works for everyone
❄️ Share your fundraising page with your Festive Knitwear Crew
❄️ Wear your festive jumpers and have fun!

Festive Jumper Day is your chance to rock your most dazzling, wacky, and downright tacky festive jumpers to raise money and help fellow civil servants when life gets tough.

Together we can make a difference

As a civil servant you know you’re part of something much bigger. A community of people who care about each other, support each other when times get tough. So we can be there for people like Stephen:

“The support from the Charity for Civil Servants has been invaluable to me. It really has had a massive impact on my quality of life… At a time when I was starting from zero, I felt like the Charity kept me going.”


We’re running a competition to find the best fundraising page names. The top ten names will be put to a vote on social media – with the three highest-scoring groups each winning a box of choccies (and bragging rights!). So, put your thinking caps on and get creative with your fundraising page names!

Earn virtual badges along the way

The badges on your fundraising page will light up as you progress with your fundraising. You'll collect them for uploading a picture, sharing your page as well as hitting your fundraising target. Can you collect all 11?

Read more about the badges you can collect.