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I’m taking on the Mega Miles Challenge in support of the Charity for Civil Servants. Walking 10,000 steps a day for a month may not seem like a monumental challenge but will still require discipline and commitment for a month, to fit it in with work and a hectic family life. Even small efforts can make a difference -  thank you for your contribution, however big or small. And don't hesitate to join me for a walk in May!

The Charity for Civil Servants supports current, former and retired civil servants when they face tough times.  From mental health struggles and financial assistance to relationship issues, getting through grief, and coping with disability, they’re here to help people stay strong, whatever life brings. They have been there for civil servants for over 137 years, providing an umbrella of support when it’s needed most and so I'm fundraising to make sure they can be there for future generations too. 

 Véronique xxx

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Friday 31st May
I would like to say a big thank you to all those who supported me during my 10,000 steps a day challenge in May. I walked a total of 203 miles (326 km).
The biggest challenge with walking is to stay consistent and make it a priority everyday....once it became a habit in May, I really got hooked. 
Thanks to your generosity, we raised £303 plus £41.62 in Gift Aid. I am really grateful, especially since my goal was a modest £200 and I kept the fundraising pretty low-key. 
The money we raised will help people dealing with sudden life challenges like bereavement, separation, mental or physical health issues - these are things that can affect anyone at any time. 
Thank you again for your support. It means a lot to me and together, we have made a real difference. 
Véronique xxx

And my eldest son said...

Friday 31st May
"Mum, I think I will start to walk more regularly again"....

Half--term fun....

Friday 31st May
...doesn't have to be complicated.

Atmospheric walk , Thursday 30th

Friday 31st May

Read here an example of how the charity can help

Thursday 30th May

Every walk...a unique journey of discovery

Wednesday 29th May
....whether by myself, with family, friends, colleagues ...

... each walk has been, is and will be unique! 

Half--term fun!

Tuesday 28th May
There is nothing like bad weather, just bad clothing 😊.

20 benefits of walking 30 minutes a day

Monday 27th May
2000 steps=1mile

10.55pm and 10 046 steps

Sunday 26th May
....of which 300 done in the last 15 min....pfewh! Time for bed!!! Awake since 5.53 am and suddenly exhausted 😊    

The power of tidying...

Saturday 25th May
10291 steps around the house....I thought I had done this (tidying) a few days ago? 

Bâteau , tu m'emmènes?

Friday 24th May
A really rubbish day all around....awful migraine etc...well, at least, I am walking a bit in the evening!

Find your voice...Thursday 23rd....

Friday 24th May
Used my overtime built at work to help with a school trip to a literature festival for children, where we saw the inspiring poet Matt Goodfellow. He reminded the children that everyone has a story within themselves to express....

Steps from one activity to another count!!!

Wednesday 22nd May

Breathing green

Tuesday 21st May

6am gives you very long legs!

Monday 20th May

Love Wales ❤️

Sunday 19th May

Lumières pastels tendres

Friday 17th May

On va où?

Thursday 16th May
Thursday 16th of May, in the evening

Idleness on the pier, Wednesday 15th of May

Thursday 16th May
Thursday 16th May
In the fields, Sunday 12th of May

On a majestic trail through woods, Sunday 12th of May

Thursday 16th May
17512 steps

Lakes on a Saturday morning, 17th of May

Thursday 16th May
The wildlife ia hiding today!

Nature's blanket of daisies - Friday 10th of May

Thursday 16th May

Reflective serenity

Thursday 9th May
....with the sea as a mirror. 

Whispers of spring on Monday 6th of May.....

Thursday 9th May
....the magic of dandelions...10,104 steps. 

Between lightness and darkness....

Sunday 5th May

Saturday 4th of May.....12,769 steps.....

Sunday 5th May
...under.a blue sky and the sun!!!!

Friday 3rd....scrapping 10,964 steps....

Friday 3rd May
Felt a bit too exhausted to go for a walk at the end of the day and before a late-night work session....but it turned out incredibly rewarding....the beautiful light and fresh air were revitalising, prompting me to ponder why many of us spend so much time indoors in front of  TVs and other screens :-)....I was reminded that life is definitely out there!

Second day....14,212 steps

Thursday 2nd May
A bit more challenging to fit in the steps today, but nice to think creatively and take the boys for a walk after school , leaving the mess to sort out at home behind.....

Wednesday 1st of May - First day of challenge!

Thursday 2nd May
....I am so worried not to reach my target that I have done 14, 087 steps!

Thank you to my Sponsors




Ray Petre

All the best with your endeavour!! Well done.


Anu Alander

Good luck Veronique!


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Sounds great! Good luck!


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Happy walking Veronique! Emma, Mark and girls xxx


Maria Tortoriello

Lovely walking with you yesterday!


Sophie Baudelin

Félicitations Veronique!


Sophie P

Félicitations Véronique!


John Leyshon

Best of luck Veronique, if you want some company knocking out those steps in Tredegar Park let me know :)


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Good luck Veronique! Xx


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Happy walking!


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Good luck, Veronique!! Xxx


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Good luck.


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All the best! Lewis Chloe and kids ⚫️⚪️❤️


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Good luck for your challenge! X


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Enjoy the walks. Best wishes x


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Bravo et bonnes balades! Bisous, Maman.


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Veronique Siegler


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Good luck Veronique. Enjoy the walking 😁.


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Well done Veronique!


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Well done Veronique, it's really hard to do all those steps everyday. You must feel really proud of yourself.


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Well done Véronique!!


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Bon courage!




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Best of luck!


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Well done Veronique! x