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I’m taking on the Mega Miles Challenge in support of the Charity for Civil Servants.

The Charity for Civil Servants supports current, former and retired civil servants when they face tough times.  From mental health struggles and financial assistance to relationship issues, getting through grief, and coping with disability, they’re here to help people stay strong, whatever life brings.

They’ve been there for civil servants for over 137 years, providing an umbrella of support when it’s needed most and so I'm fundraising to make sure they can be there for future generations too.

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It is over

Tuesday 4th Jun
So 31 days of walking is done. The numbers were 'ok' . I raised £238.42 v a £150 target which puts me 22nd on the leader board -with somewhere like 1500 walkers . I walked 184 miles v a 150 mile target -that is an average of 5.9 miles per day. Thank you to my sponsors -all very generous folk -and with the exception of 2-all were Civil Servants too. I walked the streets of Westminster, many miles in the Lea Valley Park, a good few with my dog Rosie, a few trips around the bloc etc. It took a bit of self discipline when working from home to get up and get the steps in-often walks after 7. It is tricky charity for those outside the CS village to consider when perceptions of Civil Servants can be warped by the media but it is charity close to my heart. They did my a kind  turn as a 21 year old rather poor  civil servant when they were called a different name . Kindness sticks and 35 years on you remember and having raised somewhere over £1500 over the years I feel I have paid them back a little of that kindness. The trick now is to keep walking so this Saturday -all being well -I am doing a stretch of the Essex Way so all good. Till next year bye bye 

Bank Holiday walks

Monday 27th May
Spent most of the BH weekend on Anti biotics with a tooth infection . Friday was a day off. Not much walking. Saturday I ventured to Cheshunt to watch the Celtic beat Rangers and upset some blue nosed pals in the Red Cow. Likely more Guinness imbibed  then miles walked TBH (you could drink on the tablets). Sunday was  cooking  roast lamb and about 8k steps.. My best day was BH Monday started after the morning dog walk with  a walk around Bowyer water followed by  a game of pitch n putt . I won BTW :)  I walked 15 miles today by the time I was done  . I am in the office tomorrow so should be quite good as we hit the last 4 days of the challenge . Disappointing money raised so far. A final nudge this week

Lea Valley Park

Monday 6th May
Sunday morning we take a drive to 70 acre lake with J and Rosie. A bit of a walk with the pooch and then J took her back to car and I walked the 11k steps home. Around the lake , down past Gunpowder Mills then across a huge open space , dodging puddle onto the White Water Rafting centre then off home. Warm & lovely. The picture is the 'real' lea valley looking toward Waltham Abby approaching from Cheshunt 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kev & Tracy

Good effort Dav!




Rachel Shearan

Good luck tiger - you got 'miles' left in you yet :-)


Brian Sullivan

Sorry I am a bit late in donating, I have been on holiday again.


Alex Rimmer

Good luck Sean!


Georgia Sanders


Elaine Baker

Great thing to do Sean, well done!




Rob Green


Sanchia Brown

Keep up the great work Sean! :-)


Claire M

Great effort Sean!


Sean Davin


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