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Fleetwood to Blackpool!

What a beautiful Bank Holiday Monday!
With rain forecast but a good walk planned in, 3 of us set off from Fleetwood Ferry point to Blackpool Tower
Little did we know it was to be a beautiful day albeit with the wind against us but better that than rain
Mel & Daz were prepared with snacks and drinks which was great as I was very much underprepared having come straight from camping
We enjoyed the sun, scenery and snacks as we made great progress into the 11 mile walk leaving Fleetwood behind us and almost missing the fact we’d walked past Cleveleys but the best part of the walk, for me, was spotting the Elmers, part of the huge Elmer trail throughout Blackpool. Apparently 71 of them although we didn’t see even half of them but they’re to raise money for Brianshouse
Love the photos. Hope you enjoy them too
Don’t forget to sponsor us if you can spare anything
Cheers x

Day 19 progress report

We’ve had trouble updating the page but have kept busy with our walking
Most of the team members are in the Top 40 doing brilliantly AND the Team is in 21st position which is amazing as some of the teams have as many as 10, some 20 and one team even has 105 people in it so we’re really happy with that and still have 11 days and a few good walks planned in
Wish us luck and blister plasters 😉

Countdown begins!

Only 12 days to go until the Charity for Civil Servants Mega Miles Challenge begins on 1st May
Are you ready?
Jess and I have already been discussing some great routes for lovely walks, hopefully we can do some of them as a team as well as individuals. 
I’ve also seen some beautiful photographs of local landmarks at sunrise and sunset which are really inspiring, Thanks Steve, and it’s those kinds of things that spark motivation in me to get moving so hopefully it helps others too
Start dusting off those walking boots and get those toes tapping and ready to count steps and or if you’re not participating, feel free to support us and make a donation if you’re able to 😁

Please support us!

We're taking on the Mega Miles Challenge in support of the Charity for Civil Servants.

The Charity for Civil Servants supports current, former and retired civil servants when they face tough times.  From mental health struggles and financial assistance to relationship issues, getting through grief, and coping with disability, they’re here to help people stay strong, whatever life brings.

They’ve been there for civil servants for over 137 years, providing an umbrella of support when it’s needed most and so we're fundraising to make sure they can be there for future generations too.

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